Moving companies or businesses is so much more complicated than just moving furniture and boxes from one point to another.

With our experience, we know that 50% of our efforts should focus on the physical environment and 50% on the individual's need to thrive and have an effective and functional work environment. Workpoint works from four focus areas - PREMISES, TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN & MOVE. It is these four areas that we start from when we plan, create and build the exciting journey that a company or organizational move entails.


We know that the right premises make a difference! We work proactively with you to find new suitable premises, alternatively we adapt your existing premises to support your way of working and provide a perfect working environment for your business.


We identify your technology requirements and needs in both IT, telephony, AV technology and security. Through our experience and knowledge in this business, we help you to secure a multifunctional, creative and flexible future adapted work environment.


The internal recognition and pride of the company’s brand is just as important as what the company signals to the outside world. Therefore, we attach great importance in creating an attractive, inspiring and flexible workplace that in various ways builds the brand both internally and externally.


Workpoint coordinates and quality assures all deliveries, as well as the execution of the physical move. Continuous information and clear packing instructions create confidence that results in successful projects. We dismantle and restore abandoned premises and reuse interiors with a focus on the environment.

Workpoint - Vi flyttar företag och individer


"When we at Diaverum realized that we needed external support for our move from Lund to Malmö/Hyllie, we were recommended to contact Christel and Anna. We are incredibly happy for that! Christel and Anna have many years of experience in helping companies to move. I have worked in many companies before that have moved and know that it includes a lot of logistics, a lot of contacts with different stakeholders and change management in the form of managing employees in a change situation. Christel and Anna have been an invaluable support to us in all aspects of our move. In fact, they have shown a professionalism that beats everything else I have experienced. They have added structure in the form of checklists and follow-up of these, excellent project management, management of all stakeholders such as suppliers, property owners and craftsmen and all this delivered with a professional attitude and a smile. Our move was very successful, and it is thanks to Christel and Anna.

In addition to the above, Christel and Anna are fantastic to work with. You are always nicely treated, they are extremely service minded and at the same time they have the courage to clearly tell if something is not going in the direction they consider most effective or if the plan is not being kept.

If I am going to lead a move in the future, my natural reaction will be to call Christel and Anna directly to ask for support.
A big and warm thanks from the project team at Diaverum AB !!!! "

Krister Jönsson, CHRO at Diaverum

"Choosing Workpoint again for our new relocation project was self-evident. Workpoint is just as accurate in its planning and execution of its tasks as me - and that is a huge security factor. It feels safe and good to work with Workpoint - except a huge amount of professionalism, there is always time for laughter which is very important in a project with many stakeholders. Anna’s and Christel's experiences in these types of relocation projects are very extensive and they have a large network of partners. We know what we get when we contract Workpoint. It's a shame it's so rare to have these big relocation projects - so we'll see too little of each other 🙂 "

Martin Bo, Group Corporate Services Director,

"The professional attitude and the solution-oriented approach is something that characterizes Workpoint. The customer's needs control and the adaptability of Workpoint is fantastic. Workpoint's own network of subcontractors is of great importance, since the customer can feel secure with the overall solutions."

Momcilo Pavlovic, IKEA AB

If you want more references or references in a specific industry/business - please contact us!

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About us

Welcome to Workpoint!

We at Workpoint run our projects with great heart and commitment,
but also with a focus on cost awareness, time, quality and the right environmental priorities.

With a large number of successful projects for various companies and government controlled businesses, we have built our solid knowledge bank. Together, we have more than 30 years of joint experience in various managerial positions and project manager roles
from, among others, Hifab, IKEA, Struktur, D3AB and Espresso House.

Every project for Workpoint is unique. Every project is important!

Building trust in each other is very important in all our relationships
- so when our customers perceive us as good colleagues, we have succeeded!


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